1st Semester

The window is open for ALL TRACKS


Nomination Window Closed:

Track 1:  August 22nd

Tracks 2, 3, and 4: September 12th


Teachers or Parents may nominate:


  • High achieving 4th or 5th grade students who are not already identified
  • High achieving 4th or 5th grade students who wish to add a second area of identification
  • High achieving 4th or 5th grade students who are new to Wake County Public Schools.

Nominations received after closed dates will be considered the following semester.


Parents please send nominations to

Karen Jordan-Jarrett – AIG Resource Teacher


Carpool safety 1

Carpool Safety Focus Points:

  • Have a Positive Attitude (Positive Attitude)- Be patient, kind and friendly to other drivers and OGES carpool helpers
  • Be a Distraction Free Driver (Appropriate choices)- Put away your cell phone or digital device, secure your pet and no children driving in your lap
  • Honor the Procedures (Work Hard)- Post your number, mind the cones and release children out of passenger side of car
  • Model Safety with Your Children (Stay Safe)- Keep children buckled up and go slow!



Did you hear?


Oak Grove has an amazing line up of specials being led by phenomenal teachers! Though our specialist page is under construction, listed below is a sneak peek at our fab six!

Physical Education- Gigi Sammons

Spanish Education- Jenna Cherry

Art Education- Andrea Huovinen

Music Education- Kenya Snider

Media Education- Lauren Upchurch

Math Intervention and Enrichment (NEW!)- Pam Daniels

NEWS for 2014-2015

back to school

Parent Night (formerly Open House/Meet the Teacher) for 1st -5th grades  will be on

THURSDAY, July 17thfrom 5:30-7:00 PM for Tracks 1-3

 TUESDAY, August 5th from 5:30-7:00 PM for Track 4

  • Teacher Names, tracks and supply lists ARE POSTED under TEACHERS TAB and PARENTS TAB
  •  New Bus routes ARE POSTED
  •  New Teacher videos have been POSTED (except for 2 that will be posted by Tuesday


Transportation Updates 6/10/14

New bus routes available for year round schools on June 27

New bus routes for the 2014-15 school year will be available online June 27 for WCPSS year-round schools. The bus routes will be shared at the week before the new school year begins.

Families should check the bus routes to find the stop closest to their address. Each year, bus stops change based on the students who ride the route. Students should be ready and waiting for the bus at least 10 minutes before the bus is expected to arrive.

New practices

This school year for the first time, WCPSS Transportation has a team of routing specialists who will work to provide eligible riders safe and timely bus service.

They will base routes on families who used bus service last year or families who signed up to ride the bus for 2014-15. In the past, transportation plans assumed all students would ride the bus. Of the 153,000 students last year, 76,000 were bus riders.

Beginning the planning process with accurate ridership will help Transportation planners provide superior bus routing. This should provide families better bus service from the start of the school year. Routes for known riders will be set for the first day of school. Bus drivers will practice set routes to be ready for the first day of school. With superior routing, buses will travel less distance saving money on fuel and maintenance.

Alternate stops

Students eligible for bus service are assigned a stop this school year based on their home address of record. If families need an alternate stop for before- or after-school care, they may request that online starting on June 27.

Transportation will evaluate these requests to determine if the alternate stop fits on an existing bus route and that space is available on the bus to accommodate the student. WCPSS does not add bus stops during the first 30 days of school.

Students who were approved as voluntary transfers for 2013-14 and received transportation for the year may apply beginning June 27 to seek bus service for 2014-15. The request will be reviewed to determine if it falls on the existing route of a bus with available space and does not significantly affect other students’ ride time.


Special needs students

Families of children who are homeless, have Individual Education Plans (IEPs), or have plans under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504) may need to request special transportation, as they move into the community or change address. These families will need to enroll their child in the new school or notify their current school of the address change and inform school staff of their child’s IEP, 504 plan or homeless status. Students will be assigned to transportation.

After the first 30 days of school, bus drivers will monitor ridership. Transportation will drop the bus stop for students who do not use the bus for 10 consecutive school days. Families only need to apply for students to receive service again.

The goal of this practice is to improve the service for those that consistently ride the bus.


2014 Bronze Winner

Layout 1

RALEIGH, N.C.—April 25, 2014— Advocates for Health in Action (AHA) today announced 2014 Brains and Bodies Award recipients and Wellness Star recipients – individual Wake County schools going above and beyond, to support healthy behaviors at school for both students and staff. Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS) School Board Chair Christine Kushner was invited to present the awards.

Ten schools earned the Brains and Bodies Award, and six earned the Wellness Star, with three schools winning both awards. Underwood Elementary in Raleigh won the AHA Brains and Bodies Award for overall wellness at the Gold level designation for the fourth year in a row. Brier Creek Elementary, Davis Drive Elementary, Highcroft Elementary, Hunter Elementary and Joyner Elementary earned awards at the Silver level. Bronze award winners include Brentwood Elementary, Lead Mine Elementary, Martin Middle School and Oak Grove Elementary. The AHA Brains and Bodies Award is the only school award for school health in Wake County.

What to do when there is a WCPSS delay of school start time or an early dismissal for Oak Grove ES

Since today was the first delay of inclement weather season, we thought this would be a great day to post some reminders for all parents!

When inclement weather causes OGES to run on alternate times, please remember to:

  • Make sure your child’s teacher has a note (emailed or written) from you regarding how your child will get home if it is different than their normal way home. As with all transportation changes, we only send children home a different way than normal if we have a note (see our parent handbook for more details). If there is an emergency change, please call the front office (919)387-4490 before 3:00 pm and let them know of the new arrangements.
  • Make sure you are aware of how after/before school care vans and services (Little Pros, All About Kids, YMCA, etc.) handle inclement weather procedures.
  • Provide your child breakfast at home if they normally eat breakfast at school when there is a 2 hour delay. OGES does not serve breakfast with a delay as when the children get here at 11:15, we start serving lunch!
  •  Check this website often to get the latest information!

Thank you!


2014-2015 Student Assignment/Registration

Oak Grove Elementary has great teachers! Please read below the updates to help you prepare for 2014-2015 Student Assignment/Registration!

  • We will be sending out 2013-2014 assignment strips with current students the first of December.  This will tell parents where their students are slated to attend for the next school year.
  • Rising Kindergartners without siblings already at OGES can be registered for the 2013-2014 school year starting on January 13th.  We are asking Track 1 and 3 parents that will be registering an additional child to OGES for Kindergarten to come on Wednesday, December 4th.  Track 2 and 4 parents can come register on Wednesday, December 11th.  This helps stagger the amount of students to register per day.


  • When enrolling a Kindergartner, the parent needs to bring a certified birth certificate (no mother’s copies), proof of residence (current electric, water, or gas bill in parent’s name), photo ID of parent, and an immunization record.  Children must be 5 years old on or before August 31st to register for Kindergarten for the following school year.


registration [english] 1of2

registration[english] 2of2

registracion (español) 1de2

registracion (español) 2de2

Parent Night – 7/17/14

Hope to see you tonight at Oak Grove! Come and join us for Parent Session 1 beginning at 5:30 and/or Parent Session 2 beginning at 6:30. The sessions are exactly the same and are offered twice for parents of multiple children.

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